Recruitment Positions:

5 masters in R&D of chemical synthesis

2 doctors in R&D of chemical synthesis

2 factory directors

1 Japan foreign trade personnel

2 Indian foreign trade personnel

2 European foreign trade personnel

1 American foreign trade personnel

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We need an elite team, each with skills in at least one relevant field, each with a shared moral identity, each with the ability to last a minute longer than the other in the toughest times, each with the ability to be a force for the team to move forward.


Therefore, Yingjing Technology's talent values, that is, when selecting talents, we should pay attention to "both ability and political integrity"; in the face of new colleagues who have exceeded our current level, we should be based on the idea "taking your teacher as your friend"; in the face of new partners who are willing to join our business, we should be based on "training, guidance first".

Employment Philosophy

Training and Development

To establish a hierarchical talent training system based on career development, with the purpose of "becoming a driving force for corporate culture, an engine for learning cultural organizations, and an endogenous talent training base for Yingjing Technology", and with the strategy of "general training for general personnel, key training for key personnel , urgent training for personnel in need, and reward training for outstanding personnel", the personnel training work is gradually promoted. Yingjing Technology commit itself to establish a trinity training system based on "quality evaluation, ability development, and career planning" : taking into account the development of all staff and core team training, the needs of work and future career development, in order to realize the organic combination of talent training and career development. The hierarchical talent training system enables new employees to receive "full and comprehensive" training from the beginning of the entry, and the training will accompany the employees' career development in Yingjing Technology.